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"Rushing to the aid of the Economy, Environment, and Education for Californians!"
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Stephen L. Rush
Populist Progressive, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

      Stephen L. Rush believes California can be strong again with hard work on the part of government to bring relief to Main Street’s small business, farmers, and middle-class.   Steven brings 17 years of business leadership intuition, game - changing innovation, and keen economic insight.   California’s past two Governors, whether having political or business experience prior to being elected, have both relied on advisors who keep recommending the same political tools that are proven not to work.   Do not somehow pretend the Democrats are somehow different than Republicans when it comes to innovative ideas simply out of your party affiliation.   However, what is true is that Republicans have a different approach and their way generally does not consider the plight of the oppressed.   What is needed is a candidate who has bold fresh ideas and a plan, while quite simultenously does not overburden the taxpayer and provides real relief to Main Street.   That would be Stephen Rush.

“It’s a new day, so now is the time for California to be taken a new way.”

      Rushing to the aid of Californians, there is hope for the hurting and help for the homeowner.   As Governor, Mr. Rush will shorten the economic winter and bridge across the crisis toward growth, not merely to keep from crashing, but to ride the wave of development on the other side.   Specifically, with his “Biggie Plan” for the Economy, Environment, and Education, Rush pledges to lobby for Main Street between inconsecutive terms and redefine credit relief for living expenses, invite technology business by reverse outsourcing desalinization and tsunami warning technology to China and India, artificially widen the consumer population with homeless corporate work-vouchers and former gang-member unionized construction job training, create local energy jobs using carbon reduction savings to produce fuel from waste and farm water, reduce payroll burden by lowering malpractice awards to patient’s potential income and approving alternatives where pharmaceuticals have no treatment, encourage educational vision and rejecting penalty-based standards while funding special education, advance unresolved benefits for homosexual households and raise hope in family units, media, and society for lasting community transformation.

      How can you know whether Stephen Rush will fulfill his promises?   Because Rush said, “As for me and my office, we will serve the oppressed.”   It’s part of his platform and the proof is in the details, as you see here below.   There is no way to fake a plan with so many details.   There is no way to say later, “Oh, I didn’t really have a plan.  After the election I intended on relying on political and economic advisors for that.”   Nope.  

“It’s because Rush said so.”

Rush For Governor 2010

  Provide Governmental Reform Aimed At The Needs of Main St.

  •     Have state assembly lobby for Main Street between inconsecutive terms and be a voice for:
        ·     Households with one or more special-needs children,
        ·     Those who commute greater than 1½ hours from home,
        ·     Small business owners who have downsized to core managers,
        ·     Farmers or growers restricted from water-right allocation.

For more on governmental accountability, see Real Reform.

Rush For Governor 2010

  Provide Real Economic Relief For Main Street.

  •     Redefine credit relief to include a legal defense for extreme economic hardships and call it "acts of the devil",
  •     Provide a 1½ year deferment of any judgment, collection, and tax associated with each "act of the devil":
        ·     Identity theft in excess of 1 year’s salary,
        ·     Dehabilitation or costly medical procedures,
        ·     52 week+ job loss during an economic crisis,
        ·     23%+ devaluation of asset from market bubble.
  •     Restrict bad credit from harming one’s right to live:
        ·     Reduce total wage garnishment to be only 10% of income,
        ·     Restrict employers from firing employees with multiple wage garnishments, but provide up to 5% to employer to cover costs of processing
        ·     Restrict bank account levies from taking allowable living expenses and dependent care.

For why this is important, see Credit Card Relief.

“We can ensure there is hope for the hurting,
and help for the homeowner.”

Rush For Governor 2010

  Create Local Renewable Energy Jobs.

  •     Build-up crumbling infrastructure while setting balanced budget goals,
  •     Use carbon reduction savings to produce bio-fuel from waste and farm water.

For more on the Environmental jobs, see Environment.

Rush For Governor 2010

  Strengthen The Dollar In California.

  •     Invite technology business to California by reverse-outsourcing technology products to China and India:
        ·     Desalinization,
        ·     CO2 scrubbers.

        As well as:

        ·     Tsunami-warning systems,
        ·     Worldwide market over-fishing limit tracking devices.

“We can utilize allocated funds to create tax revenue-producing jobs in our own state that will use existing resources and strengthen the dollar at the same time.”

Rush For Governor 2010

  Artificially Widen The Consumer Population.

Promote comparable pay and suitable employment through work programs for non-consumers in taking the following steps:

  •     Provide the homeless and parolees with corporate work-vouchers for necessities until their extended probationary period of 6 months is over,
  •     Establish former gang-member unionized construction job training, while :
        ·     Removing neighborhood blight,
        ·     Keeping them busy with successful alternative mentoring-activity programs,
        ·     Making cooperatives with non-profit parolee-placement programs.

To better understand economic trends, see Economic Shift.

“We can slow and even reverse the economic trends that created the crisis, and transform our communities in the process: bringing sustainable reduction in gang violence.”

Rush For Governor 2010

  Encourage Educational Vision.

  •     Reject penalty-based standards that do not foster real learning and growth,
  •     Restrict district management pay increases based on percentage allocation to students,
  •     Fund special education and Quality of Education Act using tax revenue from added renewable energy,
  •     Increase allocation of dollars to special education students on tiered-basis according to educational needs.

For more on Education, see Education.

“We can make a difference in the lives of children by helping them to comprehend the educational material while being able to think for themselves, with fiscally responsible funding.”

Rush For Governor 2010

  Improve Health Care And Benefits.

  •     Redefine state assistance programs to be based on allowable living expenses below $55,000 household income,
  •     Reduce payroll burden and health care costs by lowering malpractice awards to 3 times the patient’s potential income and pass the savings of the risk statistic onto the insured,
  •     Insure alternatives where pharmaceuticals have no treatment, and designate categories of treatment as follows:
        ·     Category A - Antiseptic (ie, antibiotics, vaccines, immune system, surgery),
        ·     Category B - Bio-chemical Correction (ie, vitamins, electrolytes, & nutrition),
        ·     Category C - Cell-tissue Repair (ie, hyberbaric oxygen, amino acid protien),
        ·     Category D - Displace Symptom (ie, pharmaceutical drugs, herbal remedy).

To see how this works to reduce health care costs, see Payroll Relief.
To see examples of decreasing health care costs, see Governor’s Ruling on Medi-cal.

“We can make strides in how we help people in need of services, while reducing exclusionary practices that have created a gap in affordable services to the lower middle-class.”

Rush For Governor 2010

  Advance Unresolved Benefits For Homosexuals.

  •     Establish the broader definition of "Economic Households" to prohibit discrimination unequivocally afforded to all citizens and to make benefits to gays politically feesible:
     · Benefit Basics -  Enact a law that confers benefits to gays based on their inter-dependency as an economic household, similar to head of household, plus recognizing the economic interest in each other’s well being.
     · Compensate Pay -  Provide victim and workers compensation for economic households.  Provide public employees retirement for beneficiaries of an economic household.
     · Family & Leave -  Provide equal compensation for economic households as any other.
     · Health Program -  Ensure hospitals visitation and make medical decisions for incapacitated gay inter-dependents.  Consent to postmortem exams and disposition of remains.  Patient’s & nursing home bill of rights coverage.
     · Insurance Plan -  Mandate Life and Health insurance available for any beneficiary.
     · Lawsuit & Loss -  Able to sue for wrongful death, the emotional distress caused by a gay dependent’s death or injury, and loss of consortium caused by death or injury.
     · Not Testifying -  Not be compelled to testify against one another.
     · Miscellaneous  -  Treated as an economic household for taxes, encourage tort liability, inheritance with documented joint possession or insurance.
     · Property Title -  Entitled to joint title, eligible for joint financing, transfer upon death, and property transfer tax benefits.
     · Trusts/Probate -  Include gay inter-dependents in acts of durable power of attorney and probate.
     · Various Abuses -  Able to qualify for various abuse programs and protection under domestic violence laws.

Respect is the key to rebuilding the state.  Click on Promoting Respect.

“We can skip right to the heart of real discrimination that gays face on a daily basis - no matter the US District’s court ruling on marriage equality.”

Rush For Governor 2010

  Enact easier adoption process.

  •     Enact full Foster child history disclosure & medical treatment choice,
  •     Mandate $10,000 adoption processing limit, using 2008 as a base year calculation,
  •     Establish Compassion & Foster-to-Adopt programs.

Click on Parental Notification for policy on abortion.

“We can encourage compassionate programs
for those who want to adopt.”

In Summary

Rush pledges to raise hope in family units, business, and society for real lasting community transformation.  

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