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"Rushing to the aid of the Economy, Environment, and Education for Californians!"
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Stephen L. Rush
Populist Progressive, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

It’s a new day, and I want to take California a new way as your Governor.   You may know me as CEO of For Fuel Freedom, Inc., a successful inventor of an economically and environmentally sound energy technology known as Super-cellulosic Ethanol, or through efforts to stop sexual murder in Juarez, Mexico, or even from my political commentaries.   In any case, I would like to be your advocate concerning community issues that I have affectionately called the "Big-e": Economy, Environment, and Education.

My message of hope reaches to the core of the California dream: a vibrant economy for cities and communities all across the state.   Every city has been hurting under California’s budget crisis, and that is why my comprehensive economic plan provides answers that directly translates into aid for transportation and water conservation needs, as well as reduction of pollution, the homeless, and gang related crime that is even pushing out into smaller communities.   This plan is accomplished without increasing taxes!

I want nothing more than the opportunity to revitalize California using a modified version of John Nash’s proven economic theory.   I will encourage environmental jobs by diverting municipal solid waste and power plant carbon dioxide to renewable energy producers using landfill closure monies and carbon diversion, and then turn around and provide farmers with their purified waste water.   I will also change the course of what is considered by many businesses "environmental philanthropy" and change it into short-term benefit / long-term saving "environmental profit" in order to reduce permits and fees for sound economic development.   Small business owners can be granted relief for health care insurance costs by mandating California insurance carriers cap malpractice suits to 3 times potential income of the patient and pass on the savings from the recalculated risk statistic on to the bearer.   These solutions will expand the tax base and create environmental jobs not only from the infrastructure, development, and expansion, but also from the small businesses that can afford to hire more workers with the reduction of 1/3 in health insurance.

Given the severity of California’s economics, new political alternatives to over-taxing are not enough.   The effects of shrinking demand and narrowing inverted population pyramid can be reduced by forging a corporate-sponsored work-transition voucher program for the homeless.   Cooperatives with unions can provide job training for gang members in exchange for their criminal record, using home lender’s property preservation funding.   And while similar to existing programs, here they will learn 3 separate construction skills to reduce dependence on drug sales while removing blight in their own neighborhood.   Statistics show that only 11.5% of gangs and the homeless would want these programs, if that, but an immediate influx of even a small amount of workers needing work attire and desiring home furnishings and appliances will have a profound effect on the economy by widening the working population pool and shifting demand in a positive direction.   Am also inclined to ask the federal government when they pay farmers, pay them to produce in order to maintain economic balance while exposing fraud and to help subsidize ballooning prison costs with the excess food.

Now, it is also crucial to protect California’s economy from too many stressors on the infrastructure.   California’s disaster plan can be revised with additional preventative measures to curb potentially catastrophic unexpected state costs during this difficult time, and I have an idea how some of the Recovery Act and ARRA/bailout can help finance restoration of crumbling infrastructure throughout the state.   In addition, global trading partners can help offset some of the strained trade imbalance, channeling California’s strength in manufacturing technology, such as desalinization for China’s drifting sand problem and tsunami warning systems.   This does two things: strengthens companies against volatile risk and strengthens the dollar, making California attractive to businesses again.

These measures will help to make the downward trend more shallow, to avoid "crashing."   In essence, it "makes a bridge across the recession" until we start hitting a growth trend again.   All this is part of a new intuitive approach to I had learned during my 17 years in business.   My platform doesn’t merely challenge my opponents, it raises the bar to doing more to preserve California’s precious people and future.   This innovative political approach addresses key issues that have been neglected and cannot be resolved any other way.

In addition, I will expand educational services by rejecting Race To The Top the way it is currently written, and the federal penalty portion of No Child Left Behind, as CTA has recommended.   I will exchange them for a tiered version of attendance-based funding, so the schools with more special education students and low test scores receive more dollars where it is needed most.   This will help alleviate the stress on school districts created by the 166% increase of cases in the spectrum of autism.   However, every school is important and has been hurting under California’s budget crisis, and that is why my comprehensive economic plan also provides funding for Quality Education Investment Act from environmental dollars!   Our children deserve better.

I also believe great strides can be made in Democratic issues by making conservative legislation more moderate.   For that reason I support the Employee Free Choice Act, and had called for individualized acceptance of unions to invigorate the labor process long before it was adopted by the AFL-CIO.   I am dedicated to securing an expansion of non-discrimination legislation for gays where gaps in benefits for these citizens persist – no matter the court’s decision on gay marriage.   I also desire for medical and scientific advances to be made in expanding the bank of stem cell tissue to include umbilical cord blood and skin, and is more likely to gain acceptance.   As Governor, I will continue to be an advocate against rape and "pulling train" in our state’s universities, just as I took a stand for women’s rights to stop the injustice of sexual murder in Juarez, Mexico.   Respect is the key to getting along.

My views are well received throughout the state by both parties and independents.   And, I not only have an economic plan that will improve the economy, it does so without driving a stake in the taxpayer’s wallet or making things worse.   I am “Rushing to the aid of Californians.”   This is my heartfelt pledge to your community.

Something on everyone’s mind in this election is the economy, and for good reason.  Many Californians have suffered terrible hardships and losses.  Big banks are being bailed out while they penalize anyone who overextended their credit – guilty or not.  Typical politicians and economists tend to subscribe to the theory that the economy cannot be corrected.  Because they cannot empathize with the pain of those who are suffering they seem to be doing nothing significant about it - or worse yet, they gullibly following the prescription of Fortune 500 company lobbyists.  Instead, there is more than one economic theory and I am offering a better way.

The statistics as to how deep of an economic impact it is, really hits home.  California’s unemployment in the final quarter of 2009 was reported at 12.3%.  Also, 600,000 jobs were lost in California in 2009 - and that is just among jobs reported being lost and does not include commission-based, piece-rate, or proprietors that otherwise do not contribute to unemployment insurance.  An increase of 29% more homeowners lost their homes this year through Notice of Default, Trustee Sale, or Bank Repurchase, with California having over a quarter of the homes lost throughout the nation.  Nearly 15% of growers in California lost their farms due to court-ordered drought, while those that survived not only contributed to the 40% agricultural workers who lost their jobs, but now suffer from as much as 19% - 23% of the harvest now rotting in the fields of California’s salad bowl.  The higher taxes and payroll burden was hard on small businesses to begin with, and with retail down 25%, vacancy rate among stores is now up to 15% in key retail centers.  That crunch is expected to affect the state government with a whopping 49.6% budget shortfall.  The problems seem daunting.  There is no one who is prepared to handle this unless they understand the economy and have enough ingenuity to develop a successful recovery plan.  That would be me.

These voices behind the scenes are preparing for America’s economic twilight years.  These are the same people who are touting in public how the economy is recovering, despite trends in 1837, 1873, 1929, and 1973 that say this could last a lot longer than one year.  It is wrong to spread false hope at the expense of an unsuspecting public.

Kondratieff Wave Economic Theory shows how the economy works in cycles, and names each trend after the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Some of those cycles are generational and are affected by changes in demand for production due to changes in the population.  Crops, farming, construction, entertainment, networking, and stocks all affect economics, but they have smaller cycles usually within a year’s time. Other cycles include nostalgia and elections last just inside of a decade.  War also is cyclical.  However, war is a product of population and lack.  Every major generational economic cycle, where the Winter downtrend is accompanyied by a shortage for a commodity that another country holds, is followed by war.

So, basic economic theory suggests trends in population, technology, and money can all affect the economic cycle, creating shifts in demand.  The opposite is also true - shifts in demand can affect the next cycle.  Artificial injections of population and technology should be explored and implemented, such as engaging the homeless or Midwest farmers, trade desalinization treatment for U.S. Treasury Bills (thereby creating demand for both), and many other solutions.

“The economy does not have to crash.”

With that understanding, I would much rather fix the economy than do nothing.   I would also rather change the basis for whatever commodity the economy runs on, than to go to war over it (such as oil).

In Closing

Let me take a guess: the other candidates don’t even have a plan?   Anyone who has ever held a political or managerial office can say they have leadership experience, but it does not mean they are prepared to have the answers for a troubled state, and it certainly does not mean that there would be any guarantee they ever would.

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